Michael Burton 

I am a professor at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and a
film-maker.  My team and I create animated historical films. Some are about real people. Some are gleaned from the work of famous authors. I work closely with writers, scholars, and production professionals to create historically authentic art films and exhibitions.  ​
My creative work in film-making focuses on stories from the 19th and early 20th centuries. I am interested in people with extraordinary pasts who have mostly been left out of the cultural and historical record. I work closely with historical and literary scholars, costume designers, and production professionals to make historically accurate films.  I use a hybrid form of live-action film on green screen and animation to create looks that resemble prints and illustrations of the period.   The process is time intensive however the look is rich and compelling, bringing viewers into the past in a way that blends our notions of history with the real lives of each character.
Service-learning is central to my teaching philosophy. Undergraduate through Ph.D. students work in paid roles on my productions.

Awards and Festivals

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