Student samples

Animated Human in Motion
Cycles drawn from human form and illustrated clothing studies
3D Models
Sirrena Infinite Holmes - 3D modeler The Bell Affair
Medical modeler - CineCraft
Gaming Avatar Graduate Project
3D body scan - 3D print from scan - avatar based on target research data
Stephanie Pitcher - Master of Arts project- 2018
Animation Experiments
Showing the passage of time
Cover Design
Laser cut fabric design
Experiments in laser cut repeat pattern
2017-03-17 11.17.23.jpg
2017-03-10 11.34.35.jpg
Digital textile prints
Rachel smith 2.jpg
final twig.jpg
First semester illustration
gru 3.jpg
gru 2.jpg
gru 1.jpg
First semester Pochior
illustration technique
IMG-1965 small.jpg
IMG-1963 small.jpg
IMG-1961 small.jpg
First semester close observational drawing